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A series of bite-sized graphic adventures about snails in space
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Nominated for Best Writing - Comedy for the 2018 Aggie Awards

Chapter 1 is now free to play!

Snail Trek brings the classic text parser adventure game into the future!


No need to save every few minutes (though you can if you want). Restore quickly if you die!

Contextual text input

Understands which objects are in front of you and provides autosuggest and autocorrect.

CRT emulation mode

Enjoy that slightly fuzzy true classic look.

A stereophonic score

No beeps and boops! Real music!

Switchable characters

Chapters 2 and 4 feature multiple playable characters - switch characters to solve puzzles together.

Modern puzzle design

Plenty of challenging but logical puzzles, and lots of deaths - but no dead ends!

Widescreen aspect ratio

Since monitors are more rectangular than they used to be.

Cute snails

'nough said. Don't underestimate them, though.