Snail Trek

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Chapter 1 available on Steam now!

Chapter 2 available on Steam now!

Chapter 3 available on Steam now!

Chapter 4 coming soon!

Snail Trek is a series of four "20 minute adventures" where you take on the role of a crew of snails on a journey to a new home world.

In the style of the early Sierra Online adventure games, Snail Trek has colorful EGA-ish graphics and a text parser interface. Relive the nostalgia in these bite-sized adventures - but without all the pain. Autosaves, a text parser with auto-suggest, and puzzles with no dead ends, all combine to bring this old genre into the modern era.

If you like Snail Trek, go check out Cascade Quest - a full length game of the same style currently in development.


Snail Trek features:

Snail Trek